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What are the home remedies for dark circles?
2nd Mar 2020 8:45 pm
Lifestyle expert
The following result is obtained by our Internet Research Algorithm: Follow the steps below to get rid of dark circles - 1. Apply fresh cucumber slices. 2. Try tomato juice. 3. Use potato slices. 4. Apply lemon juice. 5. Use tea bags. 6. Create a compress out of buttermilk and turmeric. 7. Make a compress out of coconut, lemon juice, and cucumber. 8. Massage your undereye area with coconut oil and almond oil. 9. Apply cold milk. 10. Put honey on your undereye area. 11. Get at least 8 hours of sleep a night. 12. Avoid foods high in salt and sugar. 13. Wear sunglasses and sunscreen when you go outside. Source - https://www.wikihow.life/Get-Rid-of-Undereye-Circl…
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