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What is this term octomorph?
19th Apr 2020 8:41 pm
Education expert
The following result is obtained by our Internet Research Algorithm: Octomorph - These uplifted octopi sleeves have proven quite useful in zero-gravity environments. They retain eight arms, their chameleon ability to change skin color, ink sacs, and a sharp beak. They also have increased brain mass and longevity, can breathe both air and water, and lack a skeletal structure so they can squeeze through tight spaces. Octomorphs typically crawl along in zero gravity using their arm suckers and expelling air for propulsion and can even walk on two of their arms in low gravity. Their eyes have been enhanced with color vision, provide a 360-degree eld of vision, and rotationally adjust to keep the slit-shaped pupil aligned with “up.” A transgenic vocal system allows them to speak. In social term, it can be referred to be a person who has 360-degree views of everything or wish to have 8 arms to take the most advantage of everything.
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