Which is better option Hair transplant or using a wig when you're going half bald ? | Candider
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Which is better option Hair transplant or using a wig when you're going half bald ?
3rd Sep 2020 4:54 pm
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The following result is obtained by our Internet Research Algorithm: Hair Patch is way better than a hair wig as hair patch is made for only those areas which lack in hair while wig is made for whole head. Hair patch looks very natural as compared to a wig and it will be difficult is to identify the difference. Hair Patch vs Hair Transplant Hair Patch - It is economical as compared to transplant surgery. But hair patch requires maintenance, you have to get done its servicing in every couple of months. A hair patch can be used for the period of 6 months after that you have to change it. Today's hair patches look very natural and it is hard to identify its artificiality after using. But hair patch can't give you that confidence and can irritate only if you work in hot or dusty environment. It you have age, time or money constrain then you can opt for hair patch. Hair Transplant - It is surgery like any other surgery it involves pain and scars on the donor area. Though it is slightly costlier but it is a one time cost. Also it requires ample amount of time to invest as it doesn't result in quick results. Transplant will give a natural look and confidence. you need to have a ample amount of donor area on your body. After the surgery you don't worry about any kind of maintanence. If you are of age between 20 to 27 and have ample amount of time and money to invest in the process then must opt for transplant.
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