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Why share market goes down?
12th Mar 2020 9:04 pm
Business expert
The following result is obtained by our experts opinion: There is always a different reason for share market going down, mostly depend upon current national, international and economic affairs. Following are the reasons why the share market goes down - 1. When corporate results announced are being below expectation. It appears that there is going to be no great news coming from them. 2. The main essence of market fluctuations is fear and greed. When any nation deliberately takes action to manipulate the market. 3. When any company shows a false figure or series of news to manipulate the market. 4. Unfriendly budget or policy announcement of the country. 5. Economic slow down or any other kind of crisis in any country. 6. Oil prices always play a vital role in market manipulation. 7. US market is also a factor to affect the market of other countries. 8. Every time a new reason arise to affect the market.
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