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Candider always looking for the writers or contributors who can create or curate content which worth sharing. If you find yourself suitable for it then Candider is the place for you to write and start earning from today.
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Terms of being a writer
  • 1. User has to create a genuine profile on Candider to apply for writer's program.
  • 2. Plagiarism is strictly prohibited on Candider.
  • 3. Your blog is required to be unique and helpful enough to get published, and it is completely the decision of Candider to publish your article under 'Candid Feeds' or not.
  • 4. You have to make your content Candider exclusive. if Candider finds it on other platform, then Candider possess the right to remove it from its platform anytime without informing.
  • 5. Candider possess the right to edit, remove or delete any of your post or content anytime without informing, if Candider doesn't find it suitable.
  • 6. If writers also deal with the question, they will get the chance to become verified experts.
  • 7. Undue or non-required promotion of any brand or product in blogs or articles are not allowed without the permission of Candider.
  • 8. Writers will be paid ₹100 for the first 1000 views and earn more according to the views increase.
  • 9. Writers will be paid in the form of payment as per their wish that can be in their bank account or mobile wallet etc.
  • 10. Candider may add more terms from time to time.
  • 11. For more terms and condition visit - terms and conditions
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